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Learning Skat has never been easier

Are you ready for a fast-paced and tactical card game that will fire up your imagination and creativity?

Do you love strategic challenges?

Would you like to become part of one of the largest gaming communities?

If you nodded three times, you’re in the right place: here you’ll have the opportunity to interactively learn the all the rules and fundamental tactics of one of the oldest and most popular card games. For over 200 years millions of players have already succumbed to the fascination of Skat, the ultimate card game.

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In case you need further encouragement, take a look at the following videos:

In the first one, Daniel Schaefer, founder of Skat Island, reveals three reasons why you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by. In the second one, you’ll see in short order how easy it is to learn Skat with the help of our interactive tutorials.

Let’s get started!

The rules of Skat – interactively explained here, for free

Meet our Skat pirates and join them in search of the Golden Skat Card. You can jump right into the adventure with no prior knowledge. Our unique learning approach has already been honored with nominations for the 2016 German Computer Game Award and the Children’s Software Award “Tommi”.

We’ve made Skat fun from the start! Have we tweaked your curiosity?

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You too can become master Skat players

Playing Skat is incredibly fun - but only after you’ve put in your penny and grasped the fundamentals!

Most experienced Skat players don’t have the time and patience to instruct new players in the high art of Skat. And for good reason: They’re having too much playing themselves.

That’s why so many attempts have been made to explain the rules of Skat in writing, or to just highlight the key points. Such undertakings are doomed from the start because Skat, with its complex of variables in both bidding and play, is simply not amenable to written explication.

Here on Skat Island we explain the traditional card game in a new way that everyone can understand. In addition to the rules, you’ll be versed in the relevant strategies and tactics. This is important because you’ll need a solid foundation to compete with more advanced players.

Be forewarned: Most old hands at the game won’t mince words in critiquing your play. But don’t be deterred - with our help everyone can learn to play Skat.

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Some screen shots from the interactive instructional game.

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Looking for an occasional quick match, or maybe you’d like to try a longer tournament? Maybe you’re already prepared to take on the top players in our ranking list? You can always open your own Skat table and play with selected friends, or play in our Skat community. Our managers work day and night to assure smoothly running tournaments and prompt posting of all results.

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